Justin Beaver Fined $6672 at Black Bear Hervey Bay

Local, Justin D Beaver has today been slapped with a massive fine for breaking current Covid-19 restrictions, by dancing across the bar at Black Bear, Hervey Bay.

Mr Beaver has been ordered to pay the $6672 fine originally handed to the venue when he broke their Covid Safe Plan by moving from his seat to dance across the bar.

Mr Justin Beaver stated at his press conference that he had arrived at the newly opened Black Bear restaurant in Hervey Bay eager to try out the place. Being a Canadian now living in Australia, he was keen to try their beer and flatbreads.

Justin mentioned that he is normally a subdued sort of a guy who is always humming a tune or two, but what transpired in the hours following his arrival was nothing short of out of character and obviously illegal under current Covid-19 restrictions. “I am extremely remorseful for my actions and hope that I will be allowed back into the Black Bear soon,” he stated.

It is reported by officials that on arrival Justin pulled up a chair at a table overlooking the Esplanade and ordered himself a Blakkas Ale. Four beers down and Justin was feeling a little cheery and his hips began to swing as he sat on his chair. It is said that this often happens at Black Bear and is in part due to the fun and friendly atmosphere.

Bar staff noted Justin had stood up at his chair and had gone over to ask him to sit back down. During these moments, Justin lept from his table to the Black Bear bar singing the lyrics to Baby as he danced across the bar.

Security footage of the incident shows bar staff attempting to remove Justin from the bar, but with every swipe to catch him he lept further away. During the spectacle owners Dan and Steph arrived to assist with removing Justin from the premises. On seeing Steph, Justin seems to have sung words to his song even louder and threw her a flower which he had picked off the bar. With an obvious affection for Steph it is believed the song was dedicated to her. Footage further shows Dan grabbing the beaver and removing him from the venue.

Dan and Steph later commented that this type of behaviour will not be tolerated at Black Bear.

Justin Beaver has 7 days to pay his fine.

He is currently working as an assistant to the lumberjacks in a forest outside of Maryborough, Queensland.

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